dj paragon: artist, remixer, performer

A turntablist, an artist who plays the turntables in the same manner as any musician, Paragon has performed at numerous clubs and other venues across the western United States. As a versatile performer and mixer, he is not limited to a specific genre of club music (i.e. house), but instead spins a variety of high-energy house, trance, and techno, as well as hip-hop, R&B, and funk.

A veteran of over 14 years' experience, Paragon is an innovator not content to simply mix from one song to the next, but instead is always searching for ways to modify and add to the music, often re-mixing popular dance songs "on the fly." The overall result is increased energy on the dance floor that gets the crowd moving. 

Club Style: Listen to Paragon in the mix!

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